Keith Shults

Managing Partner

Keith received his Bachelor of Science from Memphis State University in 1979 graduating summa cum laude with a double major of biology and physical science. In his first professional experience following graduation, Keith was able to apply his love of cell biology within the Transplant Program at Vanderbilt University where he was allowed to expand into the field of cytometry. In a 35-year career where he has applied the science of cytometry to the fields of diagnostics, clinical trials and finally medical device uses, he is an accomplished and internationally acclaimed expert in the field. He co-founded Cytometry Associates, formed the Esoterix Center for Innovation, and completed his work as the Vice President of Innovation of IncellDx.

In 2001, along with Greg Stelzer, Keith was awarded the Wallace Coulter Lifetime Achievement Award in Clinical Cytometry for the creation of the CD45 gating scheme currently used by over 90% of all cytometry labs worldwide. In his career, he has published over 100 articles and has been issued five U.S. patents. He is currently a member of American Association of Cancer Research, on the Steering Committee of Great Lakes Imaging and Flow Cytometry Association and is the past Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Middle Tennessee State University Professional Science Management Program. He has been married to his wife Debra for 35 years with two children and two grandchildren.

Keith team photo

Positions and Experience

  • Vice President of Technology Systems
    • Cytometry Associates (co-founder with Dennis Grimaud and Greg Stelzer), 1988 - 1996
  • Vice President of Technology Transfer
    • Esoterix Inc, 1996 - 2002
  • Director Advanced Cytometric Applications
    • Esoterix Center for Innovation, 2002 - 2008
  • Director of Advanced Cytometric Applications
    • Nodality Inc, 2008 - 2010
  • Vice President of Innovation
    • IncellDx Inc, 2011 - 2017
  • Managing Partner
    • Reliability Execution Development (RED), 2018 - present


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